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Made for Employers

After working in recruiting in the architecture and design industries, unless a firm is located in a major city its talent pool is limited. Free postings on a job board solely dedicated to those in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, etc. should not only allow all firms the chance to find candidates but also alleviate some of those random resumes received on general job boards.

Additionally, sometimes 60 days is just not enough time to find a quality candidate in smaller markets. The creation of the year-long job post should alleviate that stress. It works for larger markets as well. Firms in larger markets can keep a steady supply of top architectural candidates applying to their jobs.

Made for Recruiters

The 365-day job post can get any recruiter a whole years’ worth of quality candidates delivered straight to you. In our experience, large unfocused job boards deliver unqualified candidates, maybe 1% are worth talking with. We niched down, only to bring you what you’re looking for: architecture and design industry candidates.

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