Best Colleges in the US for City Planning

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An education in city or urban planning offers students the chance to understand how design, policy, and human interaction all connect. Choosing a city planning college is an arduous process with many universities now offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in urban planning. These are some of the best colleges for city or urban planning across […]

Best City Planning Colleges in Canada

urban planner designer example

Canada is not only a popular tourist destination but is also famous for its outstanding institutions of higher learning. The latter is the reason why many individuals, especially those interested in city planning and related courses, are all flocking to the country and signing up in in the respective prestigious colleges and universities. Below are […]

How to Become a City Planner

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Look around your city and what do you see? Construction and other urban operations wouldn’t possible without city planners. City planners are the decision makers who decide both short and long-term plans to build and beautify their cities. They decide which buildings and areas of land will be used for specific purposes, which will be […]

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