What is the best color schemes for an architectural portfolio?

When applying for an architecture job, you need to make sure your portfolio matches your experience and talents claimed in your resume. Your portfolio is an opportunity to showcase your expertise acquired within the craft architectural scholars refer to as “scientific art” to potential employers. Additionally, the portfolio captures the essence of your design expertise […]

How to Create an Architectural Portfolio in 2 Weeks

As an architecture student, you want to always make a good first impression when trying to get an internship or a job. It’s not just about your skills, it’s also about how you present your skills. The architecture industry is quite competitive, which means assembling an amazing portfolio is of the most importance. Creating a […]

What’s the best way to start an interior design portfolio?

what should be included in an interior design portfolio

Say you’re about to graduate or ready to switch from one company to another. Or maybe you’re ready to make the leap to being a freelance interior designer and need to put together a portfolio showcasing what you’re capable of. The problem is, you may not have one and don’t know exactly how to start […]

3 Tips for Making a Great Architectural Internship Portfolio

what to include in an architecture portfolio

Going to school to study architecture will take several years. This includes attending a lot of theoretical classes and doing intensive projects to apply concepts learned in class into real-life scenarios in order to hone those skills. Finding a great firm to intern with to help build up experience is another challenge. There are many […]

Want to Create an Architecture Portfolio in 1 Week?

The world of architecture is a competitive one, and when an architect is out and about looking for employment opportunities, the ultimate tool that assists him or her is their portfolio. While most people might think that a portfolio is an incredibly difficult document to put together and will take ages to complete, that is […]

What exactly do you put in an architectural portfolio?

what to include in an architecture portfolio

What to Include in an Architectural Portfolio Getting a job or landing an internship in a prestigious architecture firm does not only depend on an architect’s skills. They way they present their skills through their portfolio plays a critical role in the hiring process. Telling firms about these skills is not enough, but showing them […]

What dimensions should my architecture portfolio be?

glue gun buyers guide for architects

Let’s dive straight into this subject. There is no set right or wrong answer to the question of what size a portfolio should be. However, some schools do place limitations on the size and dimensions of an architecture portfolio but when you are looking to create a portfolio for interviews for a professional company, some […]

What dimensions should my interior design portfolio be?

what dimensions should my interior design portfolio be

Interior designers have a difficult job meeting the design ideas of their clients and completing projects for corporate and residential properties. Getting into a higher education program to learn more about interior design or seeking to obtain a new job in this creative sector will usually include the creation of a portfolio. When you are […]

What program should I use for my architecture portfolio?

green architect example

One of the biggest controversies in the architecture industry is the question of whether to submit your portfolio in paper or digital formats. The shift away from paper has been moving quickly in recent years with both professionals, graduates, and students looking to create digital portfolio’s which can be emailed as part of an application. […]

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