Standard Job Post


  • Jobs are posted for 60 days
  • Can easily be relisted
  • Access to application management tools
  • Support included

Featured Job Post


  • Stays at the top of search pages
  • Jobs are posted for 60 days
  • Access to application management tools
  • Support included

Welcome to Archareer, the only free job board catering specifically to the architecture and design industries. Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, city planners and any position that aids them are all welcome to be posted.

Archareer is a cost-effective solution with both in-house and agency recruiters in mind.

Transparency Report

One question we were asked is what exactly does a company get when they post a job to Archareer and the various levels. We had to really think about what the value proposition was, besides having a job post being on the top of a list of gain passive candidates throughout the year.

As you know as a business, things change, so we’ll do our best to keep this page updated as we change the way we do business on our end.

Schema Markup

Essentially what this means, is that our backend is coded in a way that your favorite search engine that has job displaying capabilities can showcase your job when people search for it. If you do a search for your position, we should show up, but alas, it’s at that search engine’s discretion.

60% Ad Spend

60% of your spend will go towards paid digital advertising that will lead visitors to your job post. These ads will be geotargeted so people in your area apply for your jobs.

40% Content Creation

We’re in hyper-growth mode still, so 40% of your spend will go towards the creation of content to drive people to the website and to your job posts.

Hire Guarantee

Oh yes, we’re not out here trying to swindle you out of $95 and hoping you get what you paid for. If at the end of your listing you didn’t find exactly who you’re looking for, we’ll extend your listing. No questions asked. And since you made it this far, use code “PRICE15” for 15% off your job posting.